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Digital Advertising
powered by location

Mobile location data, combined with app-based and demographic targeting, turbocharges your marketing strategy and keeps you ahead of the competition.

Why Sender?

Our Mission

To deliver your ads to the people that matter to your business.

Our Vision

For every business, there is a consumer. Our goal is to connect you to that consumer.

Our Promise

"Let your ads be known"

Why Sender?

Our Approach

Geofencing with Audience Segments


Your mobile phone goes everywhere with you! The data tied to phones has become a powerful tool for marketers in understanding real-world consumer behaviors and interests. Tap into those preferences and get your ads in front of people that want to see them by using our platform.


We offer a data-driven approach that is focused on personalized audience insights to help you bypass the over-used, standard marketing segments by tapping into our unique customer archetypes tailored for each ad campaign. Eliminate wasted ad dollars, expand your reach, and grow your business.



We know how to activate the most valuable screen. Leverage accurate and reliable, real-time location data and astounding audience insights to create the winning formula in digital advertising. 

Our Approach

On-Premise Targeting

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On-premise targeting or polygon mapping is done by tracing a place boundary based on satellite images with the intention of capturing the most precise boundary of a location as possible. This essentially eliminates waste from passer-by traffic and only serves ads to consumers actually inside the boundaries of the location. The most basic method of location-based geo-fencing is done by placing a radius around a place’s address. In many cases, the physical location is across the street or parking lot. This inherently creates waste if a marketer is trying only to serve ads to the consumers that walk into their physical location.

Advanced Weather Targeting

Weather plays a large role in consumer behavior. Powered by over 10,000 weather stations and sensors, our targeting allows you to implement weather triggered ads that are triggered by conditions, such as temperature, UV, and weather alerts. We offer the most sophisticated weather triggered advertising solution on the market to help boost your in-store visits whatever the conditions may be. Combined with location, weather triggers allow marketers to provide the most contextual, relevant and tailored message to customers that tap into consumers’ moods, desires and purchase intent at any given moment and location. This is weather based marketing at its highest level.


Real-world re-targeting based on historical user location data. A person’s tendencies tell us a lot about their buying habits. Unlike other tactics that are used to simply spread awareness and build brand recognition, we can target engaged consumers who are already in the market for the goods and services you offer using re-targeting. Re-targeting serves consumers with uniquely relevant ads while allowing businesses to connect with an audience that’s ready to act. An added benefit of re-targeting is that it ensures your message only reaches people in your desired area. No marketing channel other than mobile allows brands to reach consumers based on their real-world activities. Custom re-targeting segments are available, where you determine when and how frequently one must visit a location to be a part of your audience. Our custom audience targeting allows you to build an audience profile not only based on your customers online habits, but their off-line habits as well, which provides a more complete picture of your audience. Then, using your custom audiences, serve retargeted ads exclusively to consumers who have actually seen your ad.


Geo-conquesting works by placing geofences near a local competitor and sending timely ads to consumers' phones when they’re nearby, engaging them at a key decision-making point. This kind of powerful targeting can persuade consumers to try a new place rather than settling for a familiar standby, even if they have to travel a bit farther. Conquesting becomes so much more possible with the help of re-targeting. With re-targeting, we can target individuals who have attended a specific event, like a conference or convention, as well as individuals who have visited competitors of yours in recent weeks. We can gather data as far back as six months and allow you to reach consumers who have visited this competitor multiple times in that window. Some clever messaging paired with re-targeting, can turn their customers into your customers. Our goal is to give you the greatest bang for your marketing buck. 


Where a consumer goes is one thing, why they go is another. GeoAudience is a powerful tool that provides deep insights into the real-world movement patterns of consumers. Using it, advertisers can uncover consumers’ interests, values and brand affinities, providing competitive, demographic, and personality-based patterns that enable better consumer insights, better targeting, and overall better performance of mobile campaigns. With GeoAudience, you can generate a more complete picture of your desired audience. Find new consumers by layering in real-world data points like current proximity to a physical location and visitation patterns. GeoAudience segmenting allows for a more granular approach of delivering your ads to the consumers that find them relevant.
GeoAudience provides real world consumer insights based on their behaviors and interests.


Measurement with meaning. Our robust campaign reporting tools deliver a clear understanding of campaign performance. From objectives that range from foot-traffic to purchase intent, and from engagement to awareness, we can manage and measure it all. We value the unique needs of our advertising clients and we will work to create a measurement model that best compliments your campaigns goals. 

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Insights- We help you learn more about your target audience’s real-world behavior through location-based mobile insights and analytics.

Targeting- Our advertising solutions include targeting based on proximity, context, and historical visitation patterns for sharper audience segmentation.

Deployment- Our ads run with over tens of thousands of publishers across mobile web and apps, while our proprietary algorithm is constantly scoring location-data and employing optimization tactics to maximize campaign performance. Sample app list>

We help you harness the power of location-based media with our location-powered products!Learn More>


Sender's Geofencing Solutions
Think of it as a virtual “fence” around a location. We offer much more than just a standard GeoFencing solution. Our solution combines consumer behavioral location, proximity and contextual location, and demographics providing advertisers with a more accurate picture of their mobile audience. So, what does all this mean? It means you can reach people based on the places they frequent (including your competitors), what they purchase, why they purchase, time-of-day, what the weather is like, and who they are on an individual level. GeoFencing is great for capturing nearby consumers. Where a consumer is tells a lot about the likelihood of them visiting a particular store. This exchange is based on real-time data to ensure relevant ads are delivered to actual in-market consumers. Our technology ensures only the most accurate location data is used for targeting purposes. 
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